Thursday, April 25, 2013

~Resurrection SundayFamily Pictures~

We had a lovely time.........

taking famiy pictures on last Resurrection Sunday.

Yes, we CANNOT take a good family picture! ;)

We took a million of these!

Ummmm....... :/



We didn't really realize how much they look alike till this picture!



And last but not least, Mei Mei and Tasha!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

~ Five Generations ~

                                 I had the great privilege of.........

takeing the pictures of the five Generations represented by the Hughes side of the famly. Papa Cole, my fathers father, came up from Californa to see our little man and to get these once in a lifetime pictures done. Although I wish it was June or July so we could have done them outside we had to make do. Because of this, some do not have the best lighting. Oh well! At least we have them, right? ;)

~ Mikaela

~ Our Dear Baby Wyatt ~

                                          Ah yes my friends, late as normal! 

I was blessed beyond belief when I was asked by Felicia and Clint, if I would like to be in the room with them for the birth of their son Wyatt! Oh course I said yes!!!

So, on February 7 at 2:30 am my sister called and said she was going into labor! Ben drove me to their home (about 25 min away) . We got there and pretty quickly realized she needed to go the hospital right then. Once there, things went really fast and before we knew it Wyatt David Sealey was born at 5:45 am! It was the most crazy, awesome, amazing, tear jerking, heartwarming experience of my life! Something I will cherish forever.

~ Mikaela


  Clint's parents first time seeing Wyatt.
I am beyond EXCITED to be an auntie!!!!!

Proud first time grandpa!

Excited first time grandma!

* Johanna *


                                   Theses were taken a couple days later......

~Great Grandma Ma Moo~

~Great Great Grandma Joyce~

I LOVE her eyes!!!


Felicia is doing great! She is going to be a wonderful mother!

He has Felicia's eyes, but that is about it. The rest is a mini Clint! ;)