Sunday, December 30, 2012

~ Christmas Day ~

What a wonderful day......

It has been our tradition since I was a little girl that my father reads us the true Christmas story before we open our gifts Christmas morning. I have always LOVED this. It helps us to remember the ultimet gift that was given!

Nathaniel got a civil war drum!

Amelia is not so fond of babies.

But Johanna really liked her's.

And Leah Mei LOVES babies!!!

The holidays are always a little stressful. Sometimes you just need to let out and be a bit goofy! 


Poor dad...... he just wishes he could have a beard with his job. ;)


~ Christmas: Part One ~

Hello Blog Friends,

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season as much as we did. With so much to do I find it hard to blog, and I apologize for that. But, here is a Christmas post!

This year we had about 4 Christmas parties! So I will try to post as many pictures as I can from each of them. 

The Hughes Side of the Family Christmas~

This year we as a family, decided to not do a big Christmas party, but we still wanted to see and spend the holiday with my dads side of the family. So, my Great Grandmother Joyce came up with a wonderful idea. She lives at a retirement home and they have two rooms that you, as a resident, can rent. So we did! It was wonderful! They even had a piano that I played Christmas carols on.
Hehe.... Just kidding!

Bronson and Aunt Emily

Nanna and Mom

Cousin Cash

They had so much room to run round in!

Christmas Eve~

Christmas Eve was so fun this year! Great family and friends to spend it with. We had a menu of finger foods and punch. Fun and simple!

Felicia and Grandma
Mr. and Mrs. Sealey



And we all slept very well that night.........

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Time

Fall is in the air. What a lovely time of the year it is! 
My wonderful mother celebrated her birthday this month. These were the roses I got her.

Grapes picking!!!

Playing with firends

Our good family firend, Kendra helped us with the grape juice canning. It was our first time and we were so thankful for her!!

Tasha getting our of the rain.

My mom and grandma both share a birthday in October. Theses are from the party!


Amelia's sweet card for grandma.


Beautiful ladies

Pumpkin Patch Day!!!

Ben-king of the world....... or so he thinks...... ;)

Oh no!

~Our little Pumpkin~