Sunday, December 30, 2012

~ Christmas Day ~

What a wonderful day......

It has been our tradition since I was a little girl that my father reads us the true Christmas story before we open our gifts Christmas morning. I have always LOVED this. It helps us to remember the ultimet gift that was given!

Nathaniel got a civil war drum!

Amelia is not so fond of babies.

But Johanna really liked her's.

And Leah Mei LOVES babies!!!

The holidays are always a little stressful. Sometimes you just need to let out and be a bit goofy! 


Poor dad...... he just wishes he could have a beard with his job. ;)


~ Christmas: Part One ~

Hello Blog Friends,

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season as much as we did. With so much to do I find it hard to blog, and I apologize for that. But, here is a Christmas post!

This year we had about 4 Christmas parties! So I will try to post as many pictures as I can from each of them. 

The Hughes Side of the Family Christmas~

This year we as a family, decided to not do a big Christmas party, but we still wanted to see and spend the holiday with my dads side of the family. So, my Great Grandmother Joyce came up with a wonderful idea. She lives at a retirement home and they have two rooms that you, as a resident, can rent. So we did! It was wonderful! They even had a piano that I played Christmas carols on.
Hehe.... Just kidding!

Bronson and Aunt Emily

Nanna and Mom

Cousin Cash

They had so much room to run round in!

Christmas Eve~

Christmas Eve was so fun this year! Great family and friends to spend it with. We had a menu of finger foods and punch. Fun and simple!

Felicia and Grandma
Mr. and Mrs. Sealey



And we all slept very well that night.........