Friday, October 7, 2011

~* The last bit of summer *~

                    These were taking a couple of days after we got home and rested up. I thought you might like them!

                                                   ~ Mikaela

Dad looks kinda scared!

Some of the most fun times. Playing in boxes. I think that is what we should tell the grandparents this year for Christmas! hehe..... ;)

~Sweet Leah Mei~

Running to momma

Zack decided to try the girls play shoes on! He found it VERY funny.......

Hanging out with grandma

Felicia came for a visit!

Ben and Zack


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our first day back!

                  Here are some pictures of the day we got home. Thought you all would like it!

                                                          ~ Mikaela


At the airport! 

Leah Mei already attaching to Felicia. So sweet!

Happy to be HOME!

Exploring the house

She was a little frightened.

Meeting Aunt Erin and Uncle Skyler!


New hat

Sweet Johanna!