Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Fall Pictures!

Here are a couple of pictures I've taken over the last week or so. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them!  

My Aunt Erin's mother-in law, gave a tea for my grandmother's 70th birthday! Don't ya love our vintage hats?
~My beautiful mother~

Me with my big sis!

These are some that we did this past week......



Friday, October 15, 2010

Leah ( Jiang Fangmei)

We have been blessed once again! On Oct. 8th we got our pre- approval for a 1 year old daughter in Jiangsu providence. This is the same place our Nathaniel was from. She is in a different city though. Lord willing we should get her by next summer. We are working hard on our paperwork now. Praying for her daily and are completely smitten over her. We wanted to share some pictures that were graciously given to us. I am enjoying a yahoo group for people that are adopting from her orphanage or that have in the past. People have been gracious to take her picture when they are able to go visit the orphanage. Please keep her in your prayers! ~ Lauri

At three months.

At 8 months.

And our most recent Oct this year. (12 months )

Fun with Pumpkins!

Well, it is hard to believe that it is pumpkin time again. This year we were blessed to watch our Johanna experience it for the first time! We took my mom and had a great time and enjoyed the sun together! I am so looking forward to the holiday's with the family. It is wonderful to have Johanna home with us now. My heart yearns for our Leah to join us now! ~ Lauri


Mom and me.
Not sure about the smile, Nathaniel.....

New Blog!

As my FB friends already know, I've had a bit of trouble uploading pics on the other blog. So here I am starting a new one! Hopefully this will work....  

Miss Mikaela