Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Updated pictures of our Zackariah!

                   Well, I finally can see my little man's face again! He has grown!! His update tells us that he still struggles with his arm movements and wrist but, is getting along. He is very attached to his caregiver. He likes to play with toy trucks (oh he and Nathaniel will get a long just fine). He is NOT a picky eater and cries if you don't let him sample everything :) It takes him some time to fall asleep. They said he is very sweet. Oh, can I go to China now??? How I am overwhelmed by our Lord to bless me with such children! How wonderful is our God! Now that I have my LOA....praying for a speedy TA (travel approval the last step in this process to get Leah and Zackariah). Well the sun is shining in Oregon..its a rare thing this year. So, I am off to "play" in my garden :)
Wow! Look at all those teeth!

He's such a little handsome man!

And we think this one is an older picture of him. 
       May God bless you all ~ Lauri