Thursday, April 19, 2012

~ Spring ~

 ~* Here are a few spring pictures to catch you up a bit *~
Having a spot of tea on a Sunday afternoon~

Daddy O' Cole

Momma and Amelia

We call this one his english farmer picture. ;)


Meet our newest additon to the Hughes family. The is Tasha ( after Tasha Tudor ) she is a Penmbroke Welsh Corgi. She will be my new business project. I'm so excited! There is a high demand for corgis in Oregon and not many breeders. So hopefully I'll remedy that. ;)

This is her FAVORITE place to nap. 

Our new baby chicks!! The kids were so excited. Zack and Leah wantted so badly to hold them!

~Tea on the deck~

One of my very favorite pictures!

Playing in the grass