Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Christmas time!

Christmas time is here! Oh, there is so many things to be thankful for this festive season. First and foremost, the birth of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.  The time to spend with our family. The wonderful county we live in, and the freedom we have here. And for us this season, having our dear Johanna here for Christmas! God is so good! And His mercy is overwhelming~

Here are some pictures of the season so far. I'll be adding more as the month goes on too.

~The red coat lady's~
Amelia and her big sister Felicia.

I'm not really sure what Johanna is doing... Ummm ;)

Me with my amazing brother!

Okay, I know. The family picture is not so good, but really it was the only decent one!

Felicia and Clint with their Christmas tree.

Now for the decorating! 

First Nathaniel gave it a try, but was just to short.

So Johanna had a go!

~Miss Mikaela


  1. Oh!!!! I love all the pictures!!! What fun and what a special time of year!

  2. Great blog, thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays! Christe

  3. What great family pictures. Mikaela, I'd love to talk to you about writing something for from an adoptive sister's point of view. Email me when you can--no rush though.

  4. Hehe love it! I do miss decorating the tree with you guys though!

  5. Mrs. Raudenbush, I would LOVE to! Though maybe after the holidays. This is a pretty busy house during this time of year, and my hands are a little full. But oh ,yes! I hope you have a very blessed holiday season!

    Merry Christmas!