Friday, December 31, 2010

~Introducing Our Newest Member~

                                   Zackariah Ming Hughes!

           I wanted to take a moment to tell the story of our newest  
little one. When we were searching for this next one we have had a lot  
of "bumps" on the way. I think this also adds to the amazing way God  
works. We were seriously considering two little ones. A boy that had  
bilateral wrist and ankle joint deformity and a girl with lower leg  
deformity.It was hard to get any Ortho. to look at the files. Mikaela,  
decided one evening to look up different China blogs out there on the  
web. We enjoy looking at families unite or soon to be united with  
their children. Mikaela came across one. The family is in the process  
of adopting a child with deformities of the hands and feet. I told her  
it would be nice to talk with her and find out what she has been told  
about treatment. Well, this lady had her email on her blog and it said  
"feel free to email me". So, I did. I told her  about the 2 little  
ones . She emailed me back quick. Told me she is a therapist  and  
worked with the top 2 ortho. doctors in Chicago! She said she would be  
happy to look at their files. So, I sent them. She got back to me. We  
prayed and kept looking. The little girl was the one that seemed to be  
the one we were most drawn to. In the meantime, Kelsey ( she works at my adoption agency ) found a little  
guy that seemed perfect. I did not know much about his SN so we waited  
to get more info. We decided to lock him that evening and called the  
first thing in the morning. He was locked though!!! Another  
disappointment! On Dec. 23rd Kelsey sent me the file of this sweet boy  
in Shanghai. Since his SN is a limb deformity we felt confident we  
could lock him. I had gotten such wonderful information from Amanda  
(the therapist). I have been "studying" this issue for a little while  
now.We decided to lock him right away! So, that night I emailed her to  
let her know about this little boy we locked. I sent her his file to  
look at. I told her no hurry getting back to me because we already  
locked him. She emailed me that night. Told me to "sit down". She had  
been praying for this little guy for sometime now. Both her and her  
friend that have adopted 2 girls with the same SN. She told me she was  
crying as she was writing! He has been with a agency for some time now  
( I believe since Aug 23). The day he showed up on the shared list  
Kelsey saw him! Not so sure he would've been there if all the agencies  
were open that day. Thanks to Faith International Adoptions  for working that day! Isn't it  
amazing how God works? How he connected all of this together? How He  
uses us to further His kingdom. That He desires to move mountains on  
behalf of the orphan!
          I felt I needed to share how amazing God is. How many times  
I wanted to give up the "search" for the second child. I couldn't seem  
to stop looking. Not sure why. Was it me? Was it God? I was so puzzled  
by this. I spent many days and many sleepless nights. I had no peace.  
It has been very hard.
         My Lord has been good. He knew the little boy He had for us.  
His timing is everything.
                   Thanks for letting me share!
                                                        ~ Lauri

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Christmas time!

Christmas time is here! Oh, there is so many things to be thankful for this festive season. First and foremost, the birth of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.  The time to spend with our family. The wonderful county we live in, and the freedom we have here. And for us this season, having our dear Johanna here for Christmas! God is so good! And His mercy is overwhelming~

Here are some pictures of the season so far. I'll be adding more as the month goes on too.

~The red coat lady's~
Amelia and her big sister Felicia.

I'm not really sure what Johanna is doing... Ummm ;)

Me with my amazing brother!

Okay, I know. The family picture is not so good, but really it was the only decent one!

Felicia and Clint with their Christmas tree.

Now for the decorating! 

First Nathaniel gave it a try, but was just to short.

So Johanna had a go!

~Miss Mikaela