Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still alive!

Hello, family and friends!! I have been a bad blogger :( We are all well. We celebrated Christmas and enjoyed watching Johanna experience it for the first time. It was such a blessing. Got to celebrate Cole's and  Ameila's birthday in Jan (she turned 5). Then in Feb. we sent our dossier to China. Got our login date a month later in March (it is 2/24 in case you were wondering). It took them 20 days from DTC to giving me a LID. For those that know what I am talking about you can see that it took a long time! So now we are on our wait for our LOA. That is our next step. Lots of people with later LID's have gotten theirs already. Trying to be patient here! Also, in March we celebrated Felicia, Mikaela, Erin, Nathaniel, Skyler, Zackariah (even though he is still in China) Elijah, and Johanna's birthday's. We have gotten some baby chick's and look forward to maybe some runner ducks! We also have painted most of our downstairs and we are working our way to the upstairs. We did manage to paint Nathaniel's and Zackariah's room. Also, we bought some bunk beds for them on Craigslist.
    Our Lord and Savior is to be given the glory for His work in our lives! We continue to learn and grow at our  church and at home.
     The post of pics are just of the past few months! We will try to update more often :)

                In His blessed love~
Someone got a picture of our little girl while visiting the orphanage! She walking!!!!! :) 
Here is our newest addition! Her name is Rosy! 

Ben's great creation during one of our many snow days in February.


Three of the birthday girls! 

We painted Nathaniel room. Cool green!

These ones are of the kids playing "House" one day. They were just so cute I had to take a picture of them!

It was actually Johanna's birthday that day! She turned nine.

We painted the downstairs living room and the kitchen a pretty mellow yellow.

Dad showing off his beautiful work!


  1. It's so wonderful to see updated pictures of you guys! I love you all and hope to see you soon =)