Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall 2011


          What a lovely time of the year this is! How the Lord God has blessed us so richly, in the beauty that is around us. As the leafs have fallen, and we are getting ready for the winter season, I have come to truly enjoying this time of the year.

       Well the Hughes house is as busy as ever! Doing LOTS  of school with the kids. As for me, getting time to do my school is difficult, but with moms help I do find time. What a great mother I do have! She works from sun up to sun down, and still at the end of the night has a smile on her face. She LOVES her job! I hope one day, I might be a little like her in some way. God is so good!

        Leah Mei and Zack are adjusting wonderfully! They are fitting into the family just fine. Both of them are definitely feeling more comfortable around the house. Which also means they are more comfortable getting into things! ;) They are both going up to Shiners for physical therapy too. Its going great! Leah is now wearing a compression garment. Zack is doing what they call casting, which means that they put a cast in different positions on his left arm. The only stinger is that mom has to drive up to Portland once a week (an hour and a half drive) as they move his arm to change positions. But we have seen such amazing results! He also wears a cast on he's right arm (that is the one that could bend easer) at night. Leah compression garment is very tight. Almost to much. But the color in her leg is looking so much better! Over time it will help a lot when the swelling starts to hurt. Please be in prayer for them as I'm sure you all know what it is like taking two year olds to the doctors....... 
Just double it! ;)

           Well like always we are having everyone over for Thanksgiving! So it will be a packed house! But oh so fun! I'm so looking forward to wakening up, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, and watching the Macys Thanksgiving day parade!

                      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ben the " hitman".

My grandma Chis came for a last visit before she went to Cal for the winter.

At the pumpkin patch!


~Ben and Grandma Ma Moo~


" Smile"!   * Picture by Ben Hughes*

~Momma and I~   *Picture by Ben Hughes*

* Picture by Ben Hughes*

hehehe...... ;)



  1. What sweet pictures:) Happy Thanksgiving from the Murphy family in Florida!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from the Bradshaw family!! Love the sweet pictures!!