Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Memorial Day

        Helllo all! The Hughes house has been of course very busy this past month. Nathaniel had teeth surgery. Working in the garden. Trying to get everything in so we will be ready when summer really does get here. Weather has been just terrible here in the Pacific Northwest. Just a hand full of sunny days. But ,we are looking at the bright side of all this rain, our well is getting all this water! ;) 

Memorial Day went very well. Like every year, we visited the cemetery. It is always such an amazing experience. They put flags on all the service mens graves. It's truly a  breath taking site. Flowers are everywhere and the whole time you are thanking the Lord for all the men that have died and given everything for their county. Plus we remember the families that have given so much. A truly wonderful experience. 

Last week I got pretty ill and could not post the picutres. Now I'm feeling much better so here they are. Hope you enjoy them!

~ Miss Mikaela


My grandmother, Aunt Erin and mother.

My cousin Eil. He is such a cutie!!

This was a grave of a firefighter. hehe.... notice somthing to the bottom right....... ;)

Leah Mei  <3

Cousin Isabelle!

~The lovley girls~

~The boys~

Aunt Erin, Me, Mamma, and grandma.

They lined the road to exit with flags of fallen soldier's. Beautiful!


  1. Amazing day for your family! Love all the photos.

  2. We miss you guys! Your photography is beautiful. Very talented!! <3

  3. Love the grave-yard pictures... :D MISS YOU GUYS...so so much!! love to you all!