Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~ Summer Time ~

Well, summer is in full blast here in Oregon, and we LOVE it! Great time to be in the garden, eating supper out on the deck, picking and canning. Lots to do! Here are just a few pictures starting with the Fourth of July. :)

Sarah and Annie

Sweet Heather!

Hehehe..... Mr. Hans...... ;)

Lovely Amber

It rained a LOT this last reenactment....... I mean a LOT!!!

Grace with her adorable little niece.




Felicia is now in her second trimester! Yay!!!

The guys looking good before church.

Grandma and Nathaniel

This summer is a painting one. We have done so many pieces in our house. We looked like a "shaby chic garage sale". ;)

Off to play!
~ Mikaela for the Hughes Clan

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  1. Such fun times! How we will treasure those precious memories.
    Very cute pictures Mikaela!