Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our China trip! ~Shanghai~

Sorry its taken this long to put pics up here of our trip, but the house has been a little crazy at the moment. This post is all Shanghai pictures. I'll try to get mom to write out something to up date you on how the kids are doing tonight.  But here at least are the pictures. Hope you enjoy them!
Zack on his first full day with us! 

Mom and Dad's room

It's official!

Happy happy happy!!!

I took this on a bridge that crossed from our hotel to the shopping area.

Mom and Amelia at some famous gardens in Shanghai.

Oh they learn so young! ;)

Eating dinner

Momma and I in our new hats!

Shopping area

Leaving Shanghai to go get Leah Mei in Nanjing!

                                                                                           ~ Mikaela

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