Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~Our Trip To China~ Guangzhou

            Our time in Guangzhou was so special. After being there three times ( my parents four ) it really did feel like home! We stayed a The White Swan hotel which is the place we always stayed at for all the trips. The sad part is that we think we might have been some of the last adoption family's to stay there. They were planing to shut down the hotel for a period ( almost a year and a half ) of  much needed remodeling. Most of the adopted family don't stay there or they stay off the island. It has become cheeper to stay off the island, but for us it would not be the same. Plus by the time we got to Guangzhou we were so ready to come home, and it was so nice to be there! Our home away from home. So many precious memories there! Which of course made us miss those we left behind even more! 

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Leah Mei and I in the hotel room

Poor Ben we sent this one to him. Ummm!

Amelia being very goofy

This is what we did most of the afternoons :)

Leah did very well in the water

Yup! No joke! And it was GOOD! 

We also got a chance to go to the safari!

Leah was all about this!



My beautiful parents!

The Oaks family.

Okay, I had one of these every night! They called it a jumbo iced tea. Sooooo good!

Eating at Lucy's

The White Swan

Amelia and I room

Getting ready to go!!! Yay!

Red couch picture!

Waiting for our plane

Amelia got the kids meal, and well it was just so cute I had to take a picture of it!!

                                                    ~ Mikaela


  1. Seriously--in the close up of Zack and Lauri--he looks just like his Mommy!!! Too cute!! All the pictures are amazing! Thanks for taking us with you:)

    Best wishes,
    Lisa Murphy

  2. Loved looking at the photos from the trip. Thanks for sharing! Hope the kids are doing well with their transition!