Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our trip to China! ~Nanjing~

              Here are the pictures for Nanjing. We had such a great time there! We stayed at the Holiday Inn. Right in the heart of the city. It was wonderful! Amazing breakfast! Great big rooms too! We would highly suggest, if you are staying in Nanjing, to book there. Also very close to the large shopping area. The hotel is connected to a mall. But not any kind of mall that we would find here in the states. They had the same stores was us, but the prices were crazy! $100 dollars for a pair of Levi jeans! Yeah, things like that! So no, we did NOT buy anything there.

      It was so nice to be back to that city again. Although it was under much construction, because they were putting in a subway line. So of course the roads were very bumpy! We had a great driver though. Dad asked him one time if on the side he was a race car driver! That should give you a pretty good idea of what his driving was like! hehehe..... ;)

First picture with Leah Mei!! 

This little room holds a LOT of very precious memories for us. We pick up our little Nathaniel and now our Leah here!

Checking out the hotel room!

The next day! 

Yay! It's official!

View from our hotel room

First breakfast


We took a trip to a park that overlooked a lake there. Very pretty!

My lovely mother and I

Later we went on a boat ride on the lake!

The mall

Dad and I would sometimes go and get a DQ in the evenings

Sitting at the airport waiting for our plane.

                                                    ~ Mikaela


  1. Love all of the pictures (from both cities) that you've posted!! Been thinking of you all!! Hope everyone is doing well since arriving home. We will continue to remember your family (our special friends) in prayer. Love from Kentucky!!

  2. Wow, those are some of the most beautiful children!! Congratulations :).
    -The Ramsay family (from the conference and F's church)